Diablo III Deals

Diablo III Deals

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Diablo III Review – IGN Reviews

After slaying legions of demons and collecting a mountain of loot, we’re ready to unleash a verdict on Blizzard’s epic action-RPG.

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The Most Important Way to Power Up in Diablo 3 – Augments

#Diablo3 #Augments #Maxroll
Check out our Augmenting Guide:
00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Vow
00:45 – Basics – What is an Augment?
02:29 – Should I level my main gems first or my augment gem first?
03:26 – Which gem should I use for augments?
04:27 – When should I augment?
04:45 – Which character should I augment on first?
05:15 – What level of gem should I augment at?
05:45 – Can I replace an augment?
06:11 – When should I replace an augment if ever?
06:56 – Which piece should I augment first?
09:08 – Should I augment bad rolled ancient at the beginning?
10:32 – How to get duplicate legendary gems?
12:38 – I don’t have enough gems to augment. What should I do?
16:18 – How to augment?
20:18 – How good augments are?
Season 24 Guides:
Leveling Guide: https://youtu.be/K_Nd7gHI_Ms
Class Tier List: https://youtu.be/AAgri-OmhZk
Ethereal Farming: https://youtu.be/AzPdktuhNFk
Inna Mystic Allies Monk: https://youtu.be/9YA-TY-GIrk
LoD Wave of Light Monk: https://youtu.be/Ko7VlVIAWQE
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Perfect Gear vs Higher Paragon Level – Diablo III Damage Comparison

Diving into some numbers behind perfect primal gear with a lower paragon vs good gear with a higher paragon. Remember, this video only captures one comparison and this example is not the end all be all.

**A quick note about the effective DPS shown on screen at 1:36. The number displayed here was wrong because one of my augments was accidentally set to 700 vitality instead of dexterity. Once I changed it, the effective dps increased to its accurate figure of 996.5 million**

Make sure to use the D3 Planner link below to optimize your character and balance the priority of seeking out better gear vs farming faster paragons.

https://maxroll.gg/d3/d3planner – Base D3 Planner
https://maxroll.gg/d3/d3planner/667904454 – My Lightning Strafe Impale
https://maxroll.gg/d3/d3planner/812759894 – Primal Lightning Strafe Impale

Drop a comment down below and share your thoughts. I hope that the D3 Planner helps you in your future Diablo 3 adventures!

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Diablo 3 – All Character Classes (Gameplay)

I made this video to show what each Class is capable off at max level. just in case you don’t want to invest time in a class that you wouldn’t enjoy playing as. So I hope I help you pick the right Class for you.

Barbarian 0:00
Demon Hunter 0:30
Cruesader 1:43
Necromancer 2:52
Wizard 3:47
Monk 4:28
Witch Doctor 5:18


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